Christian Odelmalm

Cailler — The Home of Swiss Chocolate

The brief

Cailler is a Swiss premium chocolate brand with nearly two centuries of experience in chocolate making. Yet they’re mostly unknown outside Switzerland. Cailler needed to increase their brand awareness on the US market through a social media campaign.

The insight

Cailler’s master chocolatier Geraldine is generally considered one of the best chocolatiers in the world and recently won the Swiss Chocolate Masters, one of the most prestigious awards for chocolatiers.

The idea

To showcase the craft and attention to detail that goes into Cailler's chocolate making we decided to celebrate Geraldine in this film that ran on Facebook and Instagram.

The film was shot on location in Broc, Switzerland and features Geraldine as well as Maison Cailler, one of the oldest chocolate factories in the world.


Possible London


XO by

The brief is facing serious competition by dating apps like Tinder and Happn—apps that target a younger and perhaps less serious crowd. wants to appeal to younger generations with an innovative and relevant solution.

The Insight

With social media it’s easy to check in on your friends and see what they are up to. This can be great, but it can also turn nasty after a breakup. Removing your ex from Facebook seems petty, but it can be hard to get over your ex if you’re constantly bombarded with their status updates.

The idea

XO by hides your ex from Facebook and lets you see who else is available! Every status update by your ex is replaced by a new and interesting face from The more your ex updates her status, the more faces you see. :)

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Print ad

FaberCastell-Amnesty collaboration product

Microsite for #freeatena submissions

Amnesty International

The brief

Develop a print campaign to highlight a human rights issue that Amnesty is working on.

The insight

Atena Farghadani is an Iranian cartoonist and political activist held in Tehran's Evin Prison for criticising a draft law which would restrict access to birth control. She faced charges of spreading propaganda, insulting MPs, and insulting the Supreme Leader of Iran and was consequently sentenced to 12 years in prison. Amnesty International considers her a prisoner of conscience.

the Idea

We created a campaign in support of Atena. To instill some hope in her we want to encourage the public to upload pictures and drawings that Amnesty could forward to her. In collaboration with FaberCastell we also developed special packaging for their pencils where half of the proceeds go to Amnesty International to help her cause.


Guldlådan Advertising Awards

The brief

Guldlådan—the Golden Mailbox—is one of Sweden's biggest student contests. Our challenge was to come up with a new way for the Swedish Postal Service to use QR codes in direct mail and marketing.

The idea

The QR Stamp is a postage that you top up with your smartphone. It also allows for other nifty features like embedding the recipient's address into the QR code and tracking your parcel via the Postal Service's app.


The award

Our contribution won the contest, as well as receiving a diploma for best strategy. We also made a few headlines.



The brief

48H is Sweden's biggest student contest where the contestants have 48 hours to create a print ad for a nonprofit organization. Our challenge was to create a print ad for the Swedish National Association for Disabled Children and Young People (RBU) to increase awareness of RBU's work and what it's like for children with disabilities to grow up in Sweden.

The idea

A simple design-driven solution to show that children with disabilities are so much more than what the eye meets.

The award

We came third and were nominated for the people's choice award.

Fun fact

This ad was originally conceived in Swedish, and didn't rhyme. The original version is available here.

Team: Daniel Koning (art director), Christian Odelmalm (copywriter), Emma Loberg (planner)


Forsbergs Graduate Exhibition

The brief

Every year the students at Forsbergs School of Design & Advertising arrange their own graduate exhibition. The content ranges from art to advertising, but all exhibitions must follow the given theme of the year. This year's theme was "chaos".

The insight

Forsbergs' graduate exhibition attracts hundreds of visitors from the industry. However, we wanted to create something that would keep working to our advantage after the physical exhibition was over.

The Idea

We created an art installation that captures the motion of a tiny lamp attached to a double pendulum in a dark room. The visitors pull a string, setting the pendulum in motion and activating a camera set to 30 seconds' exposure. The result is a unique light pattern for every visitor.

The team

Christian Odelmalm
Axel Åkerström
Martin af Ekenstam