Christian Odelmalm


I’m Christian Odelmalm, a Swedish copywriter based in London. I've spent the past years working with global brands, as well as small domestic companies. This is a selection of my work.



Social campaign, film, scriptwriting

Premium chocolate brand Cailler approached us with the challenge to increase their brand awareness on the US market. To showcase their craft and the attention to detail that goes into Cailler’s chocolate making we created this beautiful film that celebrates their master chocolatier Geraldine. It was shot on location at Maison Cailler in Broc, one of the oldest chocolate factories in the world.


Microsoft Linx

Creative concept, pitch work

When we were asked to come up with a new campaign for the new Microsoft Linx hybrid tablet, we asked ourselves: “what can it do?” With the user-friendliness of a tablet and the power of a laptop, no matter what we threw at it the answer always seemed to be: “what can’t it do?” Consequently, a day was spent in the studio in the company of kittens, dogs and parrots, and six brand new tablets were destroyed in some really creative ways.


Guldlådan Awards

Creative concept, strategy

Guldlådan, the Golden Mailbox, is one of Sweden's biggest student contests. Our challenge was to come up with a new way for the Swedish postal service Posten to use QR codes in direct mail and marketing. We developed a postage that you top up with your smartphone, allowing for other nifty features like embedding the recipient's address into the QR code and tracking your parcel via Posten's app. We won the contest and the best strategy award, making a few headlines along the way.

Graduate Exhibition

Digital art

My graduate exhibition revolved around the idea of letting the visitors generate a unique piece of art that they could bring home. When the visitors entered, a double pendulum was set in motion, drawing a unique pattern of light which was captured by a camera set to 30 seconds’ exposure. We uploaded 500 unique art pieces to our Facebook page and allowed the visitors to tag themselves, resulting in hundreds of hits to our portfolio websites by agencies looking to hire.

XO by



Facebook is great for keeping in touch with your friends, but less so after a breakup. Removing your ex can seem petty, but how else are you going to move on when you’re being constantly bombarded by your ex’s status updates?

XO by is an app that replaces your ex's social posts with a potential date. XO pairs you up with someone based on your liked pages and posts for a guaranteed fit. Oh, and the best part? The more your ex posts, the higher are your chances of getting a date. :)

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48H Awards



48H is Sweden's biggest student contest where the contestants have 48 hours to create a print ad for a nonprofit organization. Our challenge was to highlight the work of RBU (the Swedish National Association for Disabled Children) and the difficulties of growing up with a disability in Sweden. We came third and were nominated for the people's choice award. (Original Swedish version available here.)


About me

I was born and raised in Stockholm, where I attended Forsbergs School of Design & Advertising. After graduating I worked for Forsman & Bodenfors Factory and a few other great domestic agencies before I took the plunge and moved to London in 2015. I’m currently working at Possible Worldwide where I'm doing digital stuff for clients like HSBC, Aston Martin and Hotel Indigo. I’m bilingual, digitally inclined and enthusiastic about doing great work. Also, I'm an amateur powerlifter with heavy ambitions for my upcoming competitions.

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